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Surgical Team

SMG’s surgery team works seamlessly and professionally to perform labor-intensive Microscopic Follicular Unit Hair Transplant surgery. All are highly focused on each patient, from administering medications and anesthesia to placing and post-op. The staff goes through a rigorous and ongoing training process with physicians and one another. Because a majority of the surgical staff has been with SMG for many years, they’ve achieved a high level of skill and experience. Surgical assistants from SMG are often asked to demonstrate skills at conferences and live surgical demonstrations around the world. Physicians frequently send their staff to SMG for training.

Janna Shafer – Clinical Operations Manager and Head Technician

Janna has worked with Dr. Ron Shapiro for more than 15 years. She started as a surgical assistant and, for the past 10 + years, has served as Clinical Operations Manager. Janna honed her technical skills in all phases of the surgical procedure and has assisted with thousands of surgeries. She has contributed to the Assistant’s Program at national and international conferences and has shared her technical skills and training methods with many clinics over the years. Janna travels with Dr. Shapiro to most conferences to assist with live surgery demonstrations, and she handles many of the pre-op and post-op surgery questions from patients, by phone and email.



Pamela – Surgical Assistant, Licensed Cosmetologist

Pamela has worked for SMG for 14 years. She is extremely talented and experienced in slivering, graft preparation and placing. Pamela is also a Licensed Cosmetologist who specializes in cutting and styling hair for hair transplant patients. She enjoys helping patients transition to new hairstyles. Pamela works closely with Shapiro Medical Group assistants regarding work schedules and the sharing of new ideas and information.


Dal – Surgical Assistant

Dal has been with SMG for several years. He is an award-winning painter. Dal’s skills as an artist helped him become proficient with the many techniques and tools used in hair transplantation procedures.


Gwen – Surgical Assistant

Gwen has been with Shapiro Medical Group for more than seven years. Her thoughtful approach to patient-care and steady skills always make patients feel comfortable no matter how far they have traveled for a procedure.


Song – Surgical Assistant

Song has been with Shapiro Medical Group for more than five years. An experienced medical assistant, who also enjoys sewing, Song quickly honed her skills in hair transplant surgery at SMG. She is a gifted, knowledgeable technician, well-known for her wit and ability to make patients relax in the surgery chair.


Erin – Surgical Assistant

Erin joined the surgery team at Shapiro Medical Group more than five years ago. She is a talented assistant with an extremely patient-friendly manner. Erin’s education and training as a medical assistant, her hair transplant surgery experience at SMG and her calm demeanor put patients at ease.


Silvia – Surgical Assistant

Silvia has been with Shapiro Medical Group for more than five years. Her easy-going nature, dependable skills and experience contribute to the outstanding team effort that defines Shapiro Medical Group.


Tiffany – Surgical Assistant

Tiffany has been with Shapiro Medical Group for more than four years. Her engaging personality, solid technical skills and experience in health care always leave patients with a positive impression. Tiffany is often one of the first in the clinic to see patients the morning after a procedure.


Vickie – Surgical Assistant

Vickie joined Shapiro Medical Group more than four years ago. She is a talented surgical assistant and natural care-giver. Vickie’s warmth and professionalism never fail to reassure patients they are in excellent hands.


Kasia – Surgical Assistant, Research Associate

Kasia has worked for Shapiro Medical Group as a research and surgical assistant since 2010. She began her career in the field of hair transplantation in Europe, in 2003, spending time at a variety of clinics, assisting in surgery, training new surgical assistants and developing and implementing new surgical and managed patient-care protocols. Kasia has served as a training and management consultant for new clinics in Europe and the U.S. She received her Masters Degree in Sociology at the KUL University in Poland.



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