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    One of the main reasons the hair appears thin is when we can see contrast between the dark hair and light scalp. When thinning mild to moderate a number of cosmetic cover-ups can give the appearance of a full head of hair. Once the hair becomes too thin these products do not work well and may be noticeable. But before that point they work great. They are especially useful in women or in people with early thinning where the potential for damaging pre-existing hair is too much.

    Many people take the approach to use these product until the hair thins to the point where it no longer as effective. If they do this than by the time they do surgery they are probably thin enough not to need to worry about damaging the remaining pre-existing hair. Others simply do not like to use products like this.

    Many who have not tried these products would be very surprised at how well they work.There are some that are very waterproof so patients can exercise and swim.If applied correctly you can often rub your hand through the hair with this product in it and it wont come off in your hand.
    Obviously if a patient good candidate for a hair transplant they may not need this product.However for some patients at different stages in their hair loss this is a good adjunct to both medical treatment and surgery for patients with limited donor supply.

    The two cosmetic cover ups we recommend in appropriate patients are Dermatch and Toppiks.


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“Thank you very much for your attention. I am very happy with the results of the surgery. After 3 months only I already have full hair coverage in all the affected areas and don’t need to use the hair clips like I used to do for many years. Please give my beast regards to Dr. Shapiro and the team...”Read More

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