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    Propecia®(Finesteride) is a 1mg oral tablet taken daily and acts as a potent 5∞-reductase type-2 inhibitor. It blocks the conversion of testosterone to Di-Hydro Testosterone and decreases levels of DHT by about 65 percent. It is the most effective of all the medications has shown impressive effects in both blocking further hair loss, as well as producing re-growth. The effects are greatest on the crown however, it also has beneficial effects in the frontal area as well. Five-year results showed over 85% of men stabilized or improved.

    Propecia Results Front

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        24 Months

    Propecia Results Crown

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      24 Months

    Finasteride is not officially FDA approved for use in women and is actually contraindicated in women of the child-bearing age because of possible birth abnormalities that could occur to the fetus. However there have been some recent studies that suggest Finasteride may have some beneficial in both pre and post menopausal women. Due to these reports propecia has been used off label for hair loss in women. However when used in women of child bearing age the physician is taking a medical/legal risk, and at a minimum needs to make sure the patient is on birth control.

    In men the most common concerns are sexual side effects, gynecomastia and decreased sperm count. Numerous double blind studies have shown the overall incidence of sexual side effects to be very low at less than 4.5% and reversible when stopped. However, recently concern has been raised on the internet over anecdotal reports of more permanent sexual side effects as well as other symptoms collectively called the “Post Finasteride Syndrome (PFS)”. Whether or not this is a true clinical entity or not is currently controversial. If it does exist most hair transplant surgeons feel it has to be extremely rare. However, it has made a big splash on the Internet and physicians have to be aware of this issue and be able to discuss it with their patients, as many will ask about it.

    It has been found that if one starts propecia at lower dose often one will not get the side effects and still obtain some benefit.

    Avodart®(Dutasteride)is another 5∞-reductase inhibitor that blocks both type 1 and 2 versions of the enzyme. The additional blocade of the type 1 enzyme decreases levels of DHT greater than 90 percent and is felt to be more effective than finasteride. However, it has a very long half-life and the side effect profile is thought to be worse than that of finasteride. It is not released for the treatment of male pattern baldness yet some hair transplant clinics use it off label on patients that are not responsive to finasteride with a warning about the potential side.


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