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  • LIPOSOMAL ATP SPRAY: Improving Post Operative Survival and Density

    Many physicians feel Liposomal ATP has been a game changer with respect to improving survival in hair transplantation. Especially with FUE where the grafts are finer and more fragile , At SMG we fill it is extremely important to use Liposomal ATP spray during the post op period to ensure maximum survival of grafts. Liposomal ATP is a solution that contains ATP in liposomes and is used to deliver ATP to tissue deprived of an oxygen and blood supply. It has the following benefits. After transplantation, the follicles exist in a state of ischemia that persists until angiogenesis restores oxygen tension in the wounded area. Liposomal ATP has several major effects:

    1. It supplies cells ATP to maintain the energy charge of the cell, and thus allow cells/follicles to remain viable during the post-transplant period;
    2. ATP is a potent vasodilator on dermal arterioles, which increases scalp blood flow to the area being treated;
    3. The lipid vesicles, once internalized by the cell, are an ideal energy substrate for proliferating cells.

    Liposomal ATP is used in our surgery as both a post op spray and as an additive to the holding solution.

    AT SMG we provide this solution to all patients to use the first 48 hours after surgery and feel that it significantly helped increased the survival rate of grafts


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