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  • FUT OVERVIEW: Microscopic Strip Method

    Hair grows in natural groupings called Follicular Units. With this procedure hair is removed from the donor area and then microscopic magnification is used to create grafts that keep these natural groupings intact. These grafts are then placed in tiny micro incisions created in a pattern and distribution that mimic nature. An overview of the procedure is shown in the diagram below:

    Four Major Steps in the Procedure

    • fut01

      1. Donor Harvesting

    • fut02

      2. Graft Preparation

    • fut04

      3. Recipient Site Incisions

    • fut03

      4. Placing Grafts

    As you can see,the procedure can be divided into four main parts: Donor Harvesting, Graft Preparation, Creating Recipient Sites, and Graft Placing. Each step is an integral link in the chain that creates a successful hair transplant.

    Meeting a patient’s expectations of both naturalness and density are the two most important goals in hair restoration surgery. With the modern technique of FUT we can accomplish these goals on a consistent basis. However, the tiny grafts used in FUT are delicate and the procedure has to be done correctly in order to ensure good survival, and natural results. Over the past decade each step in the procedure has continuously been modified and improved to ensure better and more consistent results. In the following sections we describe each step in detail and the advanced techniques used at SMG to ensure the best results.


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