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    The day is very similar for “Strip” FUT and FUE with some minor difference listed here

    Arrival (30 minutes): You will be greeted by the receptionist, who will ask you to pick out your lunch for the day. After We will take pre-operative photos and take care of any final paperwork.

    Meet with Physician (as long as necessary): After your photos, you will meet with your physician to review the surgery.

    General Preparation for Surgery (30 minutes): You will be escorted back to the surgery room to be prepared for surgery. You may wish to use the restroom at this time, however, you may take a break anytime during the surgery. Some of the things that will occur during this preparation stage are as follows:

    • You will be placed in a surgical gown and asked to sit in the surgical chair.
    • Your vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen saturation) will be measured.
    • You will be given pre-surgical medications consisting of an antibiotic, Valium, and Prednisone prior to surgery. If you have questions or are allergic to any of these medications, please call us prior to your surgery.
    • You will be asked to pick out movies you may choose to watch during the day. We have a selection of DVD’s and Videos to choose from or you may bring in your own DVD’s or videos to watch. We also have channels such as CNN, Fox, etc. The surgery takes about 6-8 hours. Some patients sleep off and on during the surgery due to the effect of the Valium, while others stay awake and watch movies or listen to music of their choice. No Reading during surgery is allowed.

    Preparation of Donor Area FUE (15 minutes):This is one major difference. In order to do FUE the entire donor area that will be harvested has to be shaved. So we will either shave the entire donor area and give you a “marine type” hair cut” or we can get a little creative. If the procedure is small we can just shave a strip and let the long hair cover it.

    Local Anesthesia for the Donor and Recipient Site Areas (15 minutes):
    The surgical assistants will inject the donor and recipient site areas with a local anesthetic. Lidocaine is injected using a very small needle. You may feel a mild stinging sensation with the injection which subsides within a minute. After the initial stinging sensation the area is numb.

    Graft Removal by FUE(2-4 hours): The process of obtaining the grafts is longer since each graft has to be harvested one at a time. Depending on the number of grafts it could take 2-4+ hours. This is done with the patient lying on his stomach.

    Inspection and Organizing of Grafts: Immediately after the FUE grafts are removed they are given to the technicians who trim and organize them as well as place them into cold hypothermasol. This is being done while the physician continues to harvest the grafts one at at time.
    Lunch: (1/2 hour) You will be provided with lunch. Please let us know, in advance, if you have any dietary restrictions.

    Creation of Recipient Site Incisions: (1-2 hour)Once all the grafts are harvested the physician will begin making the recipient site incisions. The physician will make all the tiny incisions in which the grafts will be placed. Almost all incisions are made prior to placing the grafts in the incisions. This usually takes about 1-2 hours. If it is a two day procedure some incision may be left for the second day for fine tuning.

    Placing of Follicular Unit Grafts: (2-4 hours) After the incision have been made the surgical assistants will start placing the follicular unit grafts. Most of the placement is done by the technical staff with over site from the physicians at regular intervals. Each graft is coated with Acell to insure good growth.

    Stick and Place and Fine Tuning.During the placing process and at the end the physician will continually check the placement of the grafts. When there are a out 300-400 grafts left the procedure will be stopped and the pattern and distribution will be rechecked. At this time fine tuning with more incisions for the final grafts will be made and placed.

    Completion: Most surgeries are completed by 5-6:00PM. You will be given detailed post surgical instructions. If the next day is a week day, you may return to the office for a hair wash and check up. You will be given an after-care kit containing post-op medications.

    Variations: With FUE there can be some variation in the order and logistics of the case depending on if it is a one day or 2 day procedure. In addition sometimes in FUE it is better to make the incision before the FUE extractions are done. This can be beneficial in some cases.

    Suture/Staple Removal:
    There is no suture or staple removal with FUE .


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