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    Eyebrows play an essential role in facial aesthetics. Many women and some men seek help for thinning or absent eyebrows. With the refinement in follicular unit transplantation normal appearing eyebrows can often be restored.

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    Loss of eyebrow hair may be due to trauma such as burns and avulsions; medical conditions such as hypothyroidism; or genetics.It may also be self-inflicted due to long-term eyebrow plucking, or trichotillomania, which is an obsessive-compulsive hair pulling disorder.Approximately one-third of patients attribute their thin eyebrows to inheritance and are born with them.It is important to treat and stabilize any underlying condition before transplantation. Enough time needs to pass after treatment to allow any potential re-growth of native hair to occur. Prior permanent make-up or tattooing is not a contraindication to eyebrow transplantation as the hairs will cover the tattoo. If the tattoo is to be removed it should be done so before transplantation. If the eyebrow tattoo was placed in an unaesthetic location, which extends outside the normal boundaries of the eyebrow, it can be surgically removed leaving a fine line that can then be easily concealed with the transplanted hair.

    It is important understand the normal shape and patterns of eyebrows in order to recreate these shapes.The eyebrow can be divided into three parts; the medial portion is the head; the central portion is the body; and the lateral portion is the tail.An arch occurs along the eyebrow in women.The direction and density of hair is different in each of these parts.The hair is less dense and directed upward in the medial head. The hair is most dense and is directed more horizontally in the in the central body. However, in the body, the cephalic-most hairs tending to grow at a slightly caudal angle, while the caudal-most hairs tend to grow at a slightly cephalic angle, resulting in a cross-hatching affect and a greater illusion of density.In the tail hairs are less dense once again and directed horizontally.Only 1 and 2 hair grafts are used in the eyebrow with the 2 hair grafts designated for the thicker body of the eyebrow.Typically 200-250 grafts are transplanted into each eyebrow. These hairs are harvested from the occipital donor area as with any FUT procedure.The recipient incisions have to be angled very acutely to ensure the hairs lay flat against the skin and don’t stick out. Patients have to be told that the hair will grow long like normal scalp hair and that they will need to trim the hair to the desired length on a regular basis.If after surgery, the shape of the eyebrow is not exactly what the patient wanted it can be sculpted afterward with electrolysis.Most patients get excellent results and are extremely grateful.


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“Thank you very much for your attention. I am very happy with the results of the surgery. After 3 months only I already have full hair coverage in all the affected areas and don’t need to use the hair clips like I used to do for many years. Please give my beast regards to Dr. Shapiro and the team...”Read More

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