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GOING FOR REPAIR AT SHAPIRO MEDICAL GROUP I felt comfortable with him and I liked his plan. I also need to highly commend Matt Zupan, for the absolute patience in dealing with me. Since contacting them (almost two years) he has been fantastic. I think the choice to have a hair transplant is a SERIOUSRead More

Big Mac

SHAPIRO MEDICAL GROUP, MY HAIR TRANSPLANT EXPERIENCE I would without any doubt say that if you choose to have a HT with SMG that you will have a great experience and receive a world class result.

Mike T.

I had about 2,000 grafts placed  by Dr. Ron Shapiro and the grafts were mostly used along my frontal hairline, with some being reserved to cover a scar within my hairline above my ear. I’m was nervous as hell, but also very assured that I’ve chosen the best doctor and the best clinic for myRead More


HAIR TRANSPLANT JOURNEY PART 2 So here I am in the present a couple of weeks away from booking an appointment with Janna and Big Ron at SMG after meeting them both in London, for me it was between 2 candidates both do exceptional work but I just thought from a totally natural viewpoint SirRead More


MY HT EXPERIENCES WITH SHAPIRO MEDICAL GROUP I am now one year post my FUE procedure. Here are my photos. I remain very pleased with the results. Note that I stopped taking Fin several months ago. I did not have sides, however, I was just not comfortable taking it any more. In looking back throughRead More


DR. RON SHAPIRO / 1577 GRAFTS FUT Distance and money (even if i’m not rich) was not a problem, because i wanted the best HT as possible for me and put all the chances in my side. Everyone took care of me during the surgery. Everything was perfect, Janna helped me during all my tripRead More


REPAIR STORY WITH SMG I would like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to Dr Shapiro for all his hard work and dedication in making my dreams come true. You truly are the greatest man I’ve ever met in my entire life you were born with a gift and im just so glad IRead More


I JUST GOT BACK FROM SHAPIRO MEDICAL GROUP Well I just arrived home after spending three days in Minneapolis at Shapiro Medical Group. And first let me tell you that I was immensely impressed with the skill, dedication, professionalism, and more importantly the friendliness of everyone, from the staff to Dr. Paul.


TRANSPLANT WITH DR. JOSEPHITIS My experience has been exceptional; I’d like to say to anyone considering SMG that you won’t be disappointed if my experience is anything to go by.  I’ll post regular updates on my progress, I feel it’s the least I can do to get the word out about Dr. Joe.  Thank youRead More


MY EXPERIEINCE WITH SHAPIRO MEDICAL GROUP. (Dr. Ron Shapiro) “I had just over 3200 grafts via strip on Feb-3 of 2015… The experience in the clinic was nothing like my previous 2 procedures… The honesty from the doctor (clipping my existing hairs), short term loss for a long term gain… The staff triple checking theirRead More