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Surgical Facility Blends Art and Science

The SMG facility is a unique blend of art and high technology. Our offices and treatment and surgery rooms reflect a mission by Drs. Ron and Paul Shapiro to combine the latest in science and aesthetics. Works of art—many celebrating the human form—by Bill Mack, Frederick Hart and Gary Welton decorate the lobby, offices and hallways. This relaxed, contemporary setting helps put patients at ease the minute they enter the clinic.

Surgery Rooms and Equipment

SMG’s surgery rooms are fully equipped to with the latest state of the art equipment including for both patient comfort and state of the art procedures. The latest FUE, FUT, & PRP equipment is used. Each surgery room features a row of five to six microscope stations where technicians prepare grafts. Cross polarization is used to ensure visualization for placing. The WOW hybrid punch and FUE machine are used for FUE extraction. SMG has purchased and tested most new devices like the Artus Robot, Cole sharp Punch, etc. but only keep and use the ones that prove to be the best.

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