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How Shapiro Delivers Superior FUE Hair Transplant Outcomes

29+ years of excellence. Shapiro Medical Group has been practicing hair transplantation since 1990. Its excellence has been proven time and time again. So if you are looking for quality hair restoration, look no further.

The Advantages of FUE Hair Restoration

FUE or follicular unit excision, also known as follicular unit extraction is one of two methods currently used for hair transplantation surgery. The main advantage of FUE is that it does not create a linear scar. FUE also results in a more gentle postoperative recovery with quicker healing of the donor area. FUE is a good choice for the following patients:

Patients who wear their hair very short and want to have less of a visible scar. In longer-haired patients, the linear scars produced with traditional strip FUT are thin and easily hidden by the remaining donor hair. With FUE, the donor area scar is virtually undetectable at hair lengths of less than 1 cm. Although the risk of visible scarring is less with FUE, a shaved head may make the small white dots noticeable.

Patients who want a less painful and quicker healing postoperative recovery in the donor area. In an FUE procedure the donor area is virtually healed and there are no limitations within a week or two after surgery.

Delivering Precise Natural-Looking Results with the Hybrid Punch

At Shapiro Medical Group, we use the Hybrid Punch and Oscillation System for FUE procedures. The Hybrid punch has the following beneficial properties:

Sharp punches easily penetrate the outer top layer of the skin without distortion of grafts. The outside cutting edge and thin wall combined with brief fast oscillation gives it the cutting power of the best sharp punches. However, unlike sharp punches the risk of transection is not increased as one slows oscillation and moves the punch deeper to get healthier grafts with more tissue.

The Hybrid Punch has a flat, smooth anterior tip, enabling the punch to go deeper without increasing the risk of graft transection, producing healthier grafts with more protective tissue around the entire follicle.

The manual technique uses a slow oscillation movement to give the best feel and control. This is the same movement used with the Hybrid Punch and Oscillation System but without the fatigue experienced in manual systems.

With motorized oscillation it is much easier to keep the instrument aligned with the hairs. The physician can simply focus on the forward direction and alignment of the punch. This limits physician fatigue, and increases speed and accuracy.


Looking for a hair transplant clinic that can deliver natural-looking hair restoration outcomes? You’ve come to the right place! Schedule your consultation with us today. Shapiro Medical Group meets the needs of patients in and around Minneapolis, including Saint Paul, Lakeville, St. Cloud and the surrounding areas.

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