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Skilled Hair Transplantation Doctors Create Naturalness and Maintain Hair Density

Shapiro Medical Group is considered one of the world leaders in hairline design as evidenced by the distinction of being asked to run the Hairline Workshop at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) annual meeting every year for the past 10 years. This means that the hair restoration and hair transplantation specialists at Shapiro Medical Group are authorities with both the latest technology and deep well of experience necessary to help patients achieve optimal results. To do so, the Shapiro Medical Group experts always prioritize the most important goals in hair transplantation: creating naturalness and meeting patient expectations of hair density. 

Creating Naturalness Is the Most Important Goal in Hair Transplantation

Creating naturalness is probably the most important goal in hair transplantation. At Shapiro Medical Group we strive to make our hair transplant results so natural that they are undetectable even under close examination. 

With skillful use of delicate Follicular Unit grafts this degree of naturalness is possible. Hair naturally grows in tiny groupings of 1 to 4 hairs called Follicular Units and using microscopes we create grafts that keep these natural groupings together. 

Equally important is knowledge of the patterns and distributions of hair found in nature. Follicular Unit grafts must be placed with a deliberate attempt to reproduce these patterns. This is particularly important for the hairline area but holds for all areas where hair loss occurs (crown, mid-scalp, etc.). 

Follicular Unit grafts can be looked at as a very fine paint brush and knowledge and skill needed to recreate natural-looking hair patterns and distribution can be likened to knowing HOW to use a brush to create a masterpiece.  

At Shapiro Medical Group we have honed this process. Dr. Ron Shapiro is an authority in the world of hair restoration and many in the Shapiro Medical Group team have been a part of the team for more than 20 years and are among the most skilled and experienced in the hair transplantation field. Together they strive to provide patients the best experience, level of care and outcomes possible.  

Meeting Patient Expectations of Hair Density is Critical For Satisfaction

The second most important goal in hair transplantation: density. Patients want to know how much of the area can be covered and how thick it will look. 

The answer depends on a number of factors, but the good news is that if a patient is a good candidate then these expectations of hair density can be achieved.

Density depends on follicle supply. The amount of hair available from the donor area is limited and less than what was in the recipient area before hair loss started. The challenge of hair restoration surgery is to create the best illusion of thickness at lower than normal densities.

To achieve this a physician must have the two skill sets:

First, the skill to move large numbers of delicate grafts in a way that ensures the maximum survival and minimal waste of each precious hair. 

Second, the skill to move hair in the most effective way possible, utilizing patterns, distributions and techniques that create the greatest appearance of fullness with the least amount of hair. 

Shapiro Medical Group (SMG) is an expert in maximizing density and Dr. Shapiro is an internationally-recognized authority conducting lectures on the topic around the world. This means that patients at SMG will be under the care of a leading hair transplantation expert, receiving the highest quality of care and results. 


Interested in hair restoration at the hands of some of the world’s top hair transplant experts? Schedule your consultation with us today. Shapiro Medical Group meets the needs of patients in and around Minneapolis, including Saint Paul, Lakeville, St. Cloud and serves traveling patients from around the world.

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