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Hairline & Tempral Points (Dr Ron Shapiro & Dr Paul Shapiro)

Young patient in his late 20’s wanted his hair line restored that fit his active lifestyle yet he was also apprehensive about surgery. Given his young age, Dr. Paul recommended a relatively conservative approach. Patient was thrilled with his results and quickly wanted more. 
Dr. Ron performed surgery #2 a little more aggressively considering the patient is on ht meds and has healthy hair behind the hairline. Dr. Ron brought the hairline down a little bit as well as addressed the temple points. The patient has above average donor density and supply. 
Patient is once again thrilled with his results. He does a lot of water activities in the summer so he really couldn’t be happier. He normally wears his down with a messy look but we sprayed it wet and combed his hair back to show the new hair line. This patient has unlimited hairstyle options.

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