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What to Expect When You Get a Crown Hair Transplant

Transplanting the crown area is a complex and technically demanding procedure. The angle of the hair in the crown area follows a whorl or a spiral pattern, which he needs to recreate meticulously.  The doctor also needs to evaluate if there is enough donor hair to cover the crown area and determine the extent of future balding. 

An experienced surgeon knows that simply adding more hair to the balding area will not achieve the desired look. But despite the complexity of the procedure, it is still worth considering a crown hair transplant. 

Here are the things you should expect when you get a crown hair transplant procedure

You’ll need a doctor who understands the natural patterns of the crown area.

Your doctor needs to have the skill and experience to transplant the grafts into a pattern that can best deliver a natural-looking result. Each graft needs to be meticulously laid down in a perfect angle and direction. Anything less than skilled hands and artistic vision will not deliver the results you want. 

Costs can vary

Because the extent of balding varies from person to person, the cost of the procedure also varies widely. Your doctor will take into account the number of grafts required, and the number of sessions it will take, in order to achieve a good result. 

You may have to come in for additional procedures.

Just like the forelock, the hair in the crown area is in a constant state of recession. Even when you’ve had a transplant, you may still experience balding and would have to come in for another procedure years later. Your doctor needs to determine whether you have enough donor hair for the first procedure, as well as the next one should you need a follow-up transplant. 

You should wait until the pattern of baldness has been established.

Hair loss is progressive, and someone can continue losing hair after a transplant. Most surgeons recommend waiting until after age 35, or when the pattern of hair loss has already been established, before doing the procedure. 


Should you get a crown transplant?

The answer depends on several factors. Your age, the extent of balding, and the availability of donor hair are just a few things your doctor will take into account. Talk to your doctor about the options that are available to you. 

At Shapiro Medical Group, we have over 25 years of experience in hair transplant and restoration. If you’re considering hair transplant and would like to speak to us, don’t delay. Call us today and book your appointment. 

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