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UPDATE: TRANQUILLO’S RESULTS OF 2 SESSIONS (Dr. Paul Shapiro) I’m thrilled with the results from my two transplants. Here are pics that a co-worker took this morning. It’s now been about 13 months since my second procedure.


Hairline & Tempral Points (Dr Ron Shapiro & Dr Paul Shapiro) Young patient in his late 20’s wanted his hair line restored that fit his active lifestyle yet he was also apprehensive about surgery. Given his young age, Dr. Paul recommended a relatively conservative approach. Patient was thrilled with his results and quickly wanted more.Read More


 I am a big fan of SMG as the results are so consistent, you would not know this person had work done no way, everything about this result is so natural as stated by Shinytop the hairline is right on the money, he looks a good few years younger asRead More


FUE WITH 1271 GRAFTS 08/19/13 (DR. PAUL SHAPIRO) I must say the whole SMG staff was very kind and helpful. Matt – Great guy, his confidence in SMG gave me confidence. Janna – Very particular about details and a sweet personality to deal with.

Bald Spot

DR. JOSEPHITIS SHAPIRO MEDICAL GROUP I picked Dr. Joe as I’d heard really good things about him and his work. I’m really impressed with him. He’s a nice guy, very diligent and I think I’m going to get a great result with what he and the team at SMG have done.


SMG DR. RON SHAPIRO – 3027 FUT. (Dr. Ron Shapiro) This is my result at 14month after 2nd surgery with Dr Ron SHAPIRO. Many thanks to Janna and SMG for my new life with my new hair 😉

North Country Boy

North County Boy: MY EXPERIENCE WITH SHARPIRO MEDICAL GROUP (Dr. Ron Shapiro) The level of care was excellent and can’t thank Ron, Janna and the rest of the staff enough would I go back again yes I would.


SMG 2901 Grafts Strip All the staff are awesome, so friendly and helpful with nothing being too much trouble. They will bend over backwards to help and truly care about your welfare.


Baxter: 6749 GRAFTS, 2 SURGERIES – Dr Paul Shapiro Everyone at SMG was great from the consult to the final procedure. Dr. Paul answered all my questions thoroughly, took a lot of time with me, and showed me lots of photos of other patients similar to me. He also gave me names of other SMGRead More


FUE 2553/5562 One last note: I was in heavy contact with Matt Zupan this past year and a half and if you’ve had the opportunity to speak with him, then you’ll know that he’s super easy to talk to and I couldn’t be happier with my communications. Likewise, Janna Shafer has been very helpful post-op,Read More

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