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Benefits of ACell Therapy

Acell therapy is a fairly new treatment that can help in wound healing and hair regrowth. It is an extracellular matrix derived from biological material that contains a network of collagen, proteins, and growth factors. These growth factors help to recruit progenitor stem cells, which are believed to promote tissue regeneration. Acell therapy has beenRead More

What to Expect When You Get a Crown Hair Transplant

Transplanting the crown area is a complex and technically demanding procedure. The angle of the hair in the crown area follows a whorl or a spiral pattern, which he needs to recreate meticulously.  The doctor also needs to evaluate if there is enough donor hair to cover the crown area and determine the extent ofRead More

Female Hair Loss Treatments in Minneapolis

Female hair loss and alopecia have become trending topics lately. Recent events have highlighted the conditions, bringing them to the mainstream consciousness. Now, more people know the impact alopecia and hair loss in women can have in their lives. Thankfully, these conditions can be treated. Shapiro Medical Group offers a variety of treatments and proceduresRead More

Address Balding or Thinning Hair with Non-Invasive Scalp Micropigmentation and Scalp Tricho-Pigmentation

If the severity of hair loss is not severe enough to warrant invasive surgical procedures, or if the patient is seeking non-invasive options, Shapiro Medical Group offers a variety of non-surgical procedures. These include Scalp Micropigmentation and Scalp Tricho Pigmentation. Scalp Micropigmentation in Minneapolis  Want to address balding or thinning hair without undergoing invasive hairRead More

Female Hair Restoration in Minneapolis

Hair loss in women is an under-looked issue and worse yet with female pattern baldness, women feel “abnormal” and find themselves in a position that can make them extraordinarily uncomfortable. Thankfully, Shapiro Medical Group is here to help and we offer various treatment modalities to address hair loss in women.  Female Hair Loss Facts TheRead More

Post-Operative Care after FUE and FUT Hair Transplants

Patients considering hair restoration or hair transplant at Shapiro Medical Group in Minneapolis may wonder how their scalp will be after the procedure. So here is a rundown on post-operative care. Follicular Unit Excision Post-Operative Care After Follicular Unit Excision surgery at our Minneapolis hair restoration clinic, a light dressing is applied and the patientRead More

How Shapiro Delivers Superior FUE Hair Transplant Outcomes

29+ years of excellence. Shapiro Medical Group has been practicing hair transplantation since 1990. Its excellence has been proven time and time again. So if you are looking for quality hair restoration, look no further. The Advantages of FUE Hair Restoration FUE or follicular unit excision, also known as follicular unit extraction is one ofRead More

Scalp Micropigmentation and Scalp Tricho-Pigmentation: Less Invasive Hair Loss Treatments

Want to address balding or thinning hair without undergoing invasive hair transplant surgery procedures? Consider Scalp Micropigmentation at Shapiro Medical Group’s Minneapolis hair restoration clinic. Scalp Micropigmentation in Minneapolis While similar to standard tattooing and permanent cosmetic procedures, SMP is designed for the scalp. The pigments and machines are much more sophisticated and specifically madeRead More

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